Nigerians are demanding the ‘head’ of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) following cases of underage voters and too many irregularities that fill the voters register the commission published on its website.

Ibomdailymail reports that the voters’ register which was published by the commission ending last week for Nigerians to check and submit cases of error turned out to be an eyesore according to some voters.


The voters’ register has too many underaged voters whose dates of birth do not match the pictures on the voter identification card. Some voters cards have the same names and pictures but different verification identification numbers (VIN.)


Below are cases of voters whose dates of birth do not match with pictures, as the pictures show that there may be error of underaged registration.

Take a look at the above voter, Buhari Chaja, whose name and picture appeared twice without any difference except the VIN.

For the voter above, Ado Safiya, the same name, the same gender, the same year of birth, only different pictures and VIN.


While the Independent National Electoral Commission is yet to address the issues raised by Nigerians, Nigerians have taken to social media to vent their anger at the commission.


Aisha Yesufu, a rights activist, accused INEC of planning to rig the election through underage registration.


“INEC do not be unfortunate with this underage registration,” Aisha worte on her Twitter handle.


A netizen, FS Yusuf, tweeted, “Hello @inecnigeria are we going into 2023 election with underage voting from the North!????


“People, please look at the faces of these kids and check the DOB. How can these kids be born in 1992!?


“How were they don’t deemed invalid registrations!? This is UNACCEPTABLE!”


Investigations by our reporter also showed that most of the cases of underage registrations and multiple registrations as shown in the screenshots above were committed in the Northern part of the country

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