A one-time Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Emeka Anyaoku, has said Nigeria’s current governance system is hampering the advancement of the country.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Anyaoku, who was a Guest of Honour at the book presentation of a former Managing Director of Daily Times, Yemi Ogunbiyi, said Nigeria needs true federalism with proper decentralization of power. The event was held on Thursday in Lagos to celebrate Ogunbiyi’s 75th birthday.

“My view remains that we cannot begin to successfully deal with our challenges with the governance system we currently operate,” Anyaoku said.

“With our present federal structure, the country will only continue to limp along and to underperform with a growing threat of a national disaster.

“To achieve political stability and to unleash the country’s inherent abilities, we need a governance system that is a true federation with appropriate devolution of powers from the centre to more viable federating units as against the current largely not viable 36 units we have.”

The article was originally published on Politics Nigeria.

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