Some people make mistakes when charging their cellphones without realizing the consequences to their health or the fact that it can shorten the battery life of their phone. To avoid causing damage to one’s phone, it is advisable to refrain from doing anything that may impair its performance. I’d like to talk about the seven mistakes you should avoid when charging your phones in this article.

1. Do not play games on your phone while it is charging. Charging and playing games are currently very common among young people and adults, thus they fit under this group. Such a habit, however, is harmful for your phone because it generates a lot of heat, which might prevent it from working properly.

2. Don’t charge your phone at night. It is not a good idea to charge your phone overnight because certain phones do not have the capacity to stop charging after they are fully charged. Long-term charging of phones throughout the night might result in overheating, which can reduce the phone’s battery life.

3. Stop charging your smartphone with a charger that has a low voltage capacity or a low power supply. Low currents can damage the batteries in phones, laptops, and power banks, preventing them from lasting as long as they should. Such a current should not be utilized to charge your phone continuously, except in an emergency. It’s best to utilize a high-voltage light source so your phone can charge faster and last longer.

4. Don’t keep charging your phone indefinitely. Some people have a bad habit of charging their phones whenever they get the chance until there is a power outage. They don’t care how long the light is on; instead, they keep charging until it turns off. Charging their phone over an extended period of time will only damage the battery.

5. Don’t charge your phone while it’s in its cover case. Before charging your phone, it’s critical to remove the case. This is because failing to do so will cause your phone’s temperature to rise, causing it to become warm and potentially damaging. Allowing enough space for air to enter the phone while it is charging is a good idea.

6. Don’t charge your phone while listening to music through earphones. Some people are unaware that charging your smartphone while listening to music through earphones is risky. The high level of radiation emitted by such a gadget has the potential to induce brain damage.

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